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My Dad died just before Christmas following many years suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. A difficult time, and time for reflection. Looking through old photos and videos and remembering great times and occasions some of which I had forgotten about.

I still have boxes full of Dad’s sheet music and handwritten manuscript music from the 60s and 70s when he ran popular dance bands. We’re never short of ideas for recording and every CD we do contains songs from these boxes.

Our latest CD, “GOLD”, which has just become available at Maestro, (April 2019), contains 2 or 3 tracks inspired by an afternoon sitting on the floor surrounded by dogs and cats, and looking through these boxes, for example the Cha Chas Twist and Shout and Please Please Me. The title track, "Gold", is the iconic Spandau Ballet song which I arranged into 16 bar sequence as a Tango.

One of the waltzes, Time to Dream, is my own composition, I’ve done one or two believe it or not!! - but have never recorded them. Hope you enjoy dancing to this one.

We’re looking forward to going back to Torquay at the end of the month for another Dancing Holiday. Wonder what new dances Carole will be teaching? They’ve probably not yet been invented but the Easter Dance Festival and Competition is imminent.

Finally, isn’t it nice to be driving to evening dances when it’s still light!! Enjoy!!

Tinsel & Turkey

We had two brilliant Tinsel and Turkey Dancing Holidays at the Victoria Hotel, Torquay in November and December. Such a laugh, they get better and better. Carole taught the Sutton Swing, Swaledale Saunter and Bathams Blues in the morning dances and the mince pies were plentiful!!

Our 2019 Dancing Holidays are filling earlier than previous years - don’t leave it too late!

Carole has treated me to a new toy, an early Ruby Wedding present, which is something I’ve always wanted - a Baby Grand piano - and a great deal of practice is now required. I’ve already mastered “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”  and hope to play “Three Blind Mice” by the end of January. So that’s the two tangos sorted for the next CD.

Our Christmas will be spent at home as always. Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and The New Year, keep healthy and keep dancing.

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The Year So Far

As we approach the month of September the usual phrase, “where’s the year gone” comes to mind.

Our Dancing Holidays in Blackpool in February when the whole country was covered in snow, onto beautiful warmer weather in Torquay in April, then the clear blue skies and heatwave we experienced in St Annes and Llandudno were all brilliant. People always comment on how friendly everyone is and many new friendships have been made.

The World Cup was thrown in for good measure. You always remember where you watch an England World Cup match.  We all crammed into the bar area at the Kensington Hotel on that hot Saturday afternoon to see England beat Sweden 2-0. The result was “never in doubt”, was it!! What an atmosphere. Even Carole was shouting words of encouragement, such as “boot it up the field” and “don’t give it to Sterling” which must have helped a lot.

Best moment of the year was in August when our son Andrew married Liv. We are so happy, it was a fantastic day which will live with us forever. And “No” - we didn’t provide the music!! The Band were amazing.

And we completed a new CD early August, 21 tracks in all. No title yet - we have our choice however Maestro usually pick the title.  The CD may not be available until October as other keyboard players are doing albums which are presently being worked on . 

We are looking forward to our next Dancing Holiday at the Marsham Court in September.

Time flies when you’re having fun. 


It was disappointing when the Dancing Holiday to the Italian Lakes was cancelled at the very last minute following the demise of Monarch a week before we were due to go. These things happen and are out of our control, but we were so sorry that many of our dancers who were looking forward to celebrating anniversaries and birthdays on the holiday during that week were not able to do so.

We used the time to record a new CD, “The Sunshine of my Life” which was finished in October when the sun was shining. We are hoping it will finally be available in the run up to Christmas (although it isn’t a “Christmas album”!!) . We are already working on the next album!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone with plenty of dancing and lots of fun.


The winter weather seems to be finally behind us and with Easter fast approaching it's great to see the golden colours of Spring appearing in the hedgerows and meadows.

We have spent countless winter days (and nights) in the studio recording our new Sequence CD, which is called "Together". This CD will be available early April.

This special album of mainly vocal tracks comes as a result of numerous requests for Carole to record some of the many varied songs she sings on our Dancing Holidays and other events.

Songs associated  with stars such as Doris Day,  Julie Andrews, and more recently, Kylie, which we have arranged into 16 bar sequence.

We hope you enjoy dancing and listening to “Together".

Can You Yodel

The past couple of months have brought some lovely sunny days to enjoy, with a little rain I suppose!! The dogs and cats have taken to lying outside together in the warm sunshine. Heidi is now 8 months old, she is already a big dog and she loves the cats.

We have been in the studio recording our new CD which is called "The Twelfth of Never”. It will be available in a week or so. Can you yodel? I think we are about to find out.

Look out also for Carole's vocal track of a beautiful waltz, "So I could find my way".

We have had a lot of interest in next year's Dancing Holiday to Lake Garda,  we have not yet had final details of this holiday, however full details will be put on the website as soon as we have them.

Heidi Hi

We had a great time at the Victoria in Torquay last week, plenty of laughs with a brilliant group of people.

Carole taught the Marlborough Mambo and Blue Moon Blues during the morning dances and everyone was soon dancing them perfectly!!

Whilst this year's holidays are now mostly full don't give up - you can go on a waiting list, as there are usually some cancellations for very valid reasons nearer the time.

We could not believe how the grass had grown and trees had become full of leaves during the few days we were away. Oh yes, and the weeds had also appeared. Another job for Mrs Keeling I think.

We have a new addition to our family now, her photo is in the Photo Album section. Heidi is a white German Shepherd dog and is now 5 months old.

She has settled in extremely well and her and Sam, our Border Collie, bonded from the first minute. It is fantastic to watch them play together and she is excellent with the cats and ponies, having learned from Sam.

Isn't it romantic

With Valentine's Day just round the corner, I hope you have prepared a nice treat for your loved one.

I have booked a table for Carole and I on 14th February, but she wasn't that pleased as she is no good at snooker.

We finished recording the new CD a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it should be available from Maestro around mid February.

It's called "Isn't it romantic", and the title track is a foxtrot. 

We worked hard on this CD and considered several other tunes to record before deciding on the final "line up". We'll save these for another time!

Carole wrote out into sequence "Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto" for me, and also arranged it, and we think it makes a nice Rumba.

We did two bonus tracks which we do "live" on our Holidays and have been asked many times to record, i.e. a mazurka which we play for the Sweetheart Waltz and Carole's vocal track "Tell me Ma" for an upbeat  Mayfair Quickstep.

Hope you enjoy listening and dancing to "Isn't it romantic".

Christmas Greetings

The Dancing Holidays this year have been really enjoyable with many people returning and new people joining us for the first time.  As always they helped make the atmosphere perfect. Many thanks to all the staff and managers at the Hotels for all their help in running these events.

A Christmas at home with our family is still what Carole and I look forward to most. Plenty of games, laughs, food and drink, and walks with Sam.

I had a very Happy 60th birthday last week, with a surprise party at a dance.  You'll probably be thinking "he doesn't look a day over 30"!!!! but it's true. Carole played Happy Birthday on the keyboard, she got a bigger cheer than I did! I had a brand new racing bike as a surprise present from the kids, something I've always wanted, maybe the Tour de France could be on the cards next year. Second thoughts, maybe not.

Recording a new CD has had to be delayed until the New Year as different priorities and projects presented themselves, but we will be starting this in January.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone, and hope you continue to enjoy your dancing.

A Date for your 2016 Holiday Diary

The animals are all OK at Cotton Lane Farm. The three cats we "rescued" in March have settled in extremely well. They all have their own personalities but it is Thomas, one of the black and white brothers, who quickly bonded with our  Border Collie, Sam, who is now 14 months old.

The ponies have now completely lost their winter coats and it's great to see them run around the paddock together, often when they know you're about to put them in their stables for the night!! Sam follows me everywhere, he's always with me when I'm at home.

We are looking forward to our next Dancing Holiday at the Inn on the Prom, St Annes. We are already being asked which of the latest dances Carole might teach, probably will be two of the winners from the next couple of inventive competitions which take place before the holiday.

We have been planning the venue for the next continental Dancing Holiday after Madeira in 2015.

By what seems like overwhelming popular demand, we will be returning to Spain to the fabulous Diamanté Beach Hotel in Calpe where we had such a brilliant holiday three years ago. Full details of this holiday, which will be from 6th October 2016, will be available in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy your summer dancing.

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