My Dad died just before Christmas following many years suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. A difficult time, and time for reflection. Looking through old photos and videos and remembering great times and occasions some of which I had forgotten about.

I still have boxes full of Dad’s sheet music and handwritten manuscript music from the 60s and 70s when he ran popular dance bands. We’re never short of ideas for recording and every CD we do contains songs from these boxes.

Our latest CD, “GOLD”, which has just become available at Maestro, (April 2019), contains 2 or 3 tracks inspired by an afternoon sitting on the floor surrounded by dogs and cats, and looking through these boxes, for example the Cha Chas Twist and Shout and Please Please Me. The title track, "Gold", is the iconic Spandau Ballet song which I arranged into 16 bar sequence as a Tango.

One of the waltzes, Time to Dream, is my own composition, I’ve done one or two believe it or not!! - but have never recorded them. Hope you enjoy dancing to this one.

We’re looking forward to going back to Torquay at the end of the month for another Dancing Holiday. Wonder what new dances Carole will be teaching? They’ve probably not yet been invented but the Easter Dance Festival and Competition is imminent.

Finally, isn’t it nice to be driving to evening dances when it’s still light!! Enjoy!!

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