Heidi Hi

We had a great time at the Victoria in Torquay last week, plenty of laughs with a brilliant group of people.

Carole taught the Marlborough Mambo and Blue Moon Blues during the morning dances and everyone was soon dancing them perfectly!!

Whilst this year's holidays are now mostly full don't give up - you can go on a waiting list, as there are usually some cancellations for very valid reasons nearer the time.

We could not believe how the grass had grown and trees had become full of leaves during the few days we were away. Oh yes, and the weeds had also appeared. Another job for Mrs Keeling I think.

We have a new addition to our family now, her photo is in the Photo Album section. Heidi is a white German Shepherd dog and is now 5 months old.

She has settled in extremely well and her and Sam, our Border Collie, bonded from the first minute. It is fantastic to watch them play together and she is excellent with the cats and ponies, having learned from Sam.

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