Isn't it romantic

With Valentine's Day just round the corner, I hope you have prepared a nice treat for your loved one.

I have booked a table for Carole and I on 14th February, but she wasn't that pleased as she is no good at snooker.

We finished recording the new CD a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it should be available from Maestro around mid February.

It's called "Isn't it romantic", and the title track is a foxtrot. 

We worked hard on this CD and considered several other tunes to record before deciding on the final "line up". We'll save these for another time!

Carole wrote out into sequence "Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto" for me, and also arranged it, and we think it makes a nice Rumba.

We did two bonus tracks which we do "live" on our Holidays and have been asked many times to record, i.e. a mazurka which we play for the Sweetheart Waltz and Carole's vocal track "Tell me Ma" for an upbeat  Mayfair Quickstep.

Hope you enjoy listening and dancing to "Isn't it romantic".

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