The Year So Far

As we approach the month of September the usual phrase, “where’s the year gone” comes to mind.

Our Dancing Holidays in Blackpool in February when the whole country was covered in snow, onto beautiful warmer weather in Torquay in April, then the clear blue skies and heatwave we experienced in St Annes and Llandudno were all brilliant. People always comment on how friendly everyone is and many new friendships have been made.

The World Cup was thrown in for good measure. You always remember where you watch an England World Cup match.  We all crammed into the bar area at the Kensington Hotel on that hot Saturday afternoon to see England beat Sweden 2-0. The result was “never in doubt”, was it!! What an atmosphere. Even Carole was shouting words of encouragement, such as “boot it up the field” and “don’t give it to Sterling” which must have helped a lot.

Best moment of the year was in August when our son Andrew married Liv. We are so happy, it was a fantastic day which will live with us forever. And “No” - we didn’t provide the music!! The Band were amazing.

And we completed a new CD early August, 21 tracks in all. No title yet - we have our choice however Maestro usually pick the title.  The CD may not be available until October as other keyboard players are doing albums which are presently being worked on . 

We are looking forward to our next Dancing Holiday at the Marsham Court in September.

Time flies when you’re having fun. 

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